Become a member of the EASG

The EASG is open to all organisations working for the full realisation of the right to a quality education, the implementation of Agenda 2030, and of SDG 4 in particular.

The EASG is a self-governing body not under the control of any political party, government and ideological or religious grouping. In the spirit of principles enshrined by the SDG Agenda, the organisations who join the EASG embrace principles that include:

Detailed criteria for new members

As well as adhering the above principles, potential members must also:

Confirmed members of Organising Partners are automatically eligible to be a member of the EASG. If at any point an organisation’s membership of one of the OPs lapses, the organisation will need to reapply for membership of the EASG independently. The Organising Partners will determine eligibility of applicants to the EASG if they are not a confirmed member of one of the OPs.


Leaflet thumbWe are now inviting organisations to register their interest in joining the Education and Academia Stakeholder Group. Please read the full eligibility criteria before applying. Download in English.

To register your interest in joining the Education and Academia stakeholder group, please complete this short form.